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Consider these points before buying your car from a car dealer

Consider these points before buying your car from a car dealer

If you are planning to buy a car, the best place to get it is from the dealer. There are many advantages of buying the car from the dealer. You will get a variety of cars to choose from and many financial deals are also available with them. If you can make a good deal, the maintenance services cost can also come free. But you must remember to approach a registered dealer, as all your transactions will be safe.

Below is mentioned a few points which you must consider before choosing the right dealer.

  1. The Reputation of the car dealer – The status or the reputation of the car dealer is very important. You can check the reputation in two ways. You can ask your friends or relatives whether they know any good car dealer of repute. The second option is to check about the repute of the car dealer with Better Business Bureau. You will get all the information about the car dealer there and also in local business directories and get an idea about how trustworthy the dealer is.
  2. The Price charged on different cars – While selling the car, the dealers try to sell many additional accessories just to add to the bill. These add-on charges include the price of CD player, the music system, coatings at the undercarriage, additional car interior accessories, etc. So, before going to the dealer, make a list of the additional accessories which you may feel you need in the car. Discard the ones which you may not need at all. Get an idea of the actual price before you start negotiating for those extra charges as you get an idea on how much the car dealer is actually charging for them. It will be easier for you to negotiate.

Some dealers also increased the price on the cars. If they find the customer to be aware of the price details of different models, then he may think twice of quoting a wrong price to him. Hence knowing the right price will put you in an advantageous position in both the ways.

  1. After sales service – Check out the various after sales service the car dealer is providing. While checking these, especially see if the dealer is offering free maintenance service and if it is yes, then for how many years. Second, see the service rates and also if there is an option of extended warranty. This will save your money on maintenance in the long run.

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